In your Classroom


HOst a Where Art Lives teaching artist residency in your classroom

Classes of students from 4th through 10th grade in San Francisco public schools or after-school programs can become artists with the Where Art Lives program.

The program is fully funded via a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission and is FREE for all participants.

*The Where Art Lives Program is not currently seeking classroom partners.



Gretu films at MLK Middle School for Where Art Lives.

How can your organization be a part of this project?

We are looking for teen and transitional age youth groups and classes to provide creative logistical support for the Where Art Lives program. Youth with Upstar Records (Sunset Youth Services) have been creating videos with Where Art Lives.

We are seeking other youth teams to serve as social media managers, curators (for online and IRL exhibits), photographers, and researchers. We can provide resources to make your participation a success.