Where Art Lives is a program that uses arts education to explore the issues of graffiti, vandalism, and public art with young people in San Francisco.

We offer teaching artist residencies to classes of 4th through 10th grade in San Francisco public schools or after-school programs.

Uphill Arts, the San Francisco Arts Commission, and San Francisco Public Works want to support the creativity of youth in our city while making sure that everyone knows about the laws and rights of artists when it comes to public art and vandalism. Artists have a variety of rights to protect and profit from their creations, so long as they are not messing with someone else's property. Art can be uplifting to a community.

We are currently looking to partner with classes of 4th to 10th grade students in SFUSD schools and after school programs. We look forward to working with teachers of all subjects to integrate our lessons into your curriculum. We especially want to provide arts to students who might not otherwise have access to arts education.


A film about Where Art Lives, a program of the San Francisco Department of Public Works and the San Francisco Arts Commission. Film by SmashTime Productions and Upstar Records, a project of Sunset Youth Services. Editting by Gre'tu Daggs and Travaugh Hicks. 


Todd Berman collects self-portraits from the public on Market Street for a "City of Awesome" painting.

Todd Berman collects self-portraits from the public on Market Street for a "City of Awesome" painting.

The Where Art Lives program is managed by Todd Berman, who has been working in San Francisco schools ever since arriving here after graduating from Brown University with a Public Policy degree in 1998. As a visual artist, he creates scenes that capture a chaotic sense of community in bright, expressionistic drawings and crowd-sourced, collaborative collages. You may have seen his City of Awesome paintings filling public buses as part of the SF Beautiful's Muni Art project.

Todd brought his art practice into every type of classroom in the San Francisco Unified School District for 15 years as a substitute teacher. He further graduated burnished his expertise as an arts educator by graduating from the Integrated Learning Specialist Program in 2015 and is now an instructor with that program. Todd also provides trainings in arts integration for after-school staff on behalf of the San Francisco Department of Children Youth and their Families and coordinates arts education advocacy and professional development as the director of the Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area.