The Where Art Lives program seeks SFUSD classrooms and San Francisco community programs to work with.

We would like to provide teaching artist residencies to SFUSD classrooms with students in grades 4-10. We are particularly interested in finding opportunities to integrate arts with your curriculum.

The program is fully funded via a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission and is FREE for all participants.

Each of our teaching artists offers a unique and rewarding experience for students


Joe Colmenares
graffiti artist extraordinaire, SFUSD graduate, expertise in community-based youth development

Use art and graffiti as a vehicle for your students to develop skills in leadership, goal-setting, general competence, and activism. Joe is our most experienced graffiti artist. He can work with your class to create a mural together.

Hazel Barrera
MA candidate Counseling Psychology, PPS credential

Collaborate with teachers and staff in creating a safe space for students to foster creativity and develop their craft through community healing. Use art as a restorative practice in your classroom.

Vivian Augustine
MA Expressive Art Therapy, Special expertise: merging emotional intelligence with creative expression.

Art journal-based course where we explore our personal style preferences and communication skills in regards to art-making and personal relationships. We’ll learn about separating self-worth from personal values through journaling exercises where students can write, create visual art, and share in small groups equipping students with self-care and compassionate practices.


Todd Berman
experienced visual artist, Integrated Learning Specialist Program instructor

Work from scribbling into fine art practices to help students find their own artistic style and voice. Will partner with teachers to use art to reinforce their curriculum in any subject and deepen student learning.

HOst a Where Art Lives teaching artist residency in your classroom

Each student receives their own sketchbook where they can develop their own artistic style. The sketchbook helps each student identify as a creative individual with something to say.

Each student receives their own sketchbook where they can develop their own artistic style. The sketchbook helps each student identify as a creative individual with something to say.

Classes of students from 4th through 10th grade in San Francisco public schools or after-school programs can become artists with the Where Art Lives program.

  • Teachers will be provided with curriculum, training, and a stipend.

  • The class will receive art supplies and visits from professional artists.

  • Each student will receive their own sketchbook in which to develop their personal style and experiment with ideas for their own street art.

  • Together we will create art for a public exhibition and develop ideas for how art can benefit the community

Try out the Where Art Lives curriculum in your classroom

  • SFUSD teachers: test our curriculum in your classroom in fall 2018.

  • Receive a stipend for your feedback.

  • We will provide art supplies for your students and visits from our teaching artist.


The Where Art Lives residency program provides:

o   Up to 8 visits from a teaching artist.

o   A sketchbook for each student and art supplies for your classroom.

o   Materials help classroom teachers lead discussions and writing exercises about graffiti, vandalism, and street art with connections to classroom curriculum and literacy goals.

o   Training to help classroom teachers integrate art into their lesson plans (with a stipend).

o   A culminating art show to celebrate student creativity.


Where Art Lives goals:

We strive to bring joy into all of our partner classrooms. #Yasssss.

We strive to bring joy into all of our partner classrooms. #Yasssss.

o   San Francisco youth feel a sense of ownership of and respect for their communities.

o   Increase access to arts education for all students in San Francisco.

o   Help make classroom content more relevant to students’ lives.

o   San Francisco students see themselves as artists with a unique voice.

o   Teachers feel supported in meeting mandated California Common Core and visual arts standards.

o   Teachers of English language learners feel supported in adhering to California English Language Development frameworks.

o   To bring joy.


The Where Art Lives curriculum supports students to:

o   Learn the basics of graffiti-style lettering from a skilled teaching artist and develop their individual style in their own sketchbook.

o   Know the rules and laws about public art in San Francisco ­ — about the rights they have as artists when they do have permission to paint on a wall and the penalties they could face if they don’t have permission­.

o   Read visual art as a text and cite evidence about the intent of the authors.

o   Collaborate with classmates to create art that benefits their community.


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